How to Keep Your Home Halloween Safe

28 Mar 2021

To keep your house from being haunted with potential insurance woes, here are some Halloween preparation tips for preventing fires and other insurance claims.

Avoid using candles Decorations for special events, most often involving candles, such as those found in jack-o’-lanterns, account for an average of 800 home fires in North America, causing nearly $4 million in direct property damage every year

Secure railings Your front porch is going to a high-traffic area, and the last thing you want is a young trick or treater (or their older guardian) taking a spill on your doorstep, so do a once-over with your wrench to make sure all railings are sturdy.

Treat choices The best part about Halloween as an adult is that you get to buy as much candy as you want, guilt free. And while that’s mighty tempting, it’s best to keep your visitors safety in mind before you go out and splurge on your favorite treat. Be mindful of allergies and candy that could poses as a choking hazard for toddlers.

Practice fire safety When setting up spooky electrical decorations and lighting, ensure that electrical outlets are not overloaded. Consider battery or solar powered jack-o’-lanterns.

Clear pathways Be sure your walkways and yard are obstruction free to keep foot traffic flowing safely as trick-or-treaters come and go.

Light up Although darkness is great for the spooky atmosphere, it also increases the chance of an accident. A well-lit entryway will not only help guide goblins to their treats, but could help deter possible vandals as well.

Contain pets The second best part of Halloween is dressing your pet up in a silly costume, however strangers coming and going could be stressful to animals.

It’s the responsibility of homeowners to make sure their property is safe for visitors during the Halloween festivities. By taking some precautions, you can join in the celebrations and enjoy your night with the ghosts and ghouls worry-free!

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