Keeping Your Roof Top of Mind

Winter can be tough on many parts of a home. Whether it’s snow, ice or rain, our windows, porches and driveways take a beating. However, homeowners need to look up, as their roof is one of their property’s most vulnerable areas.

No matter what material makes up your roof, snow and ice can cause severe and expensive damage. If left untended, the result could be water damage that trickles inside a house as well—not necessarily the late-winter gift that you were looking to take home.

“Canadians are always clearing their driveways or scraping their windshields after the snow or ice, but the roof is out of sight so it can get overlooked,” says Glenn Cooper from Aviva Canada. “By taking steps to check and care for your roof during the season, you can help avoid a leakage and extend the life of your roof at the same time.”

Follow these tips to ensure your roof makes it through the winter without a hitch:

•Get Your Roof Checked Before Winter Winter roof maintenance begins before winter starts. Make sure to inspect your roof, gutters, vents, skylights, and more (where necessary) for any leaks, damage, or anything you’ve missed during good weather. You can use binoculars to do this or ask a roofing company to come out and inspect your roof. You’ll be able to tackle any issues before they become bigger issues when winter rolls in.

•Make Sure to Clear Out Gutters Before winter rolls in, clear out your gutters. You can do this yourself or hire a company to do it for you. When your gutters back up, especially during a heavy snowfall, it can lead to ice dams and other issues. By making sure your gutters are clear and free, you’ll be able to allow snow to melt properly and not cause further issues.

•Removing Snow from Roofs Many homeowners believe you must remove snow from roofs during winter. For the most part, this isn’t true. The way your roof is designed and the way shingles work allow for snow to melt and remove itself. The only time you would need to remove snow yourself is during a particularly torrential storm that dumps feet of snow. However, this rarely happens even in the most snow-prone parts of the country. When looking at winter roof maintenance, other than snowfall itself, these tasks should already be on your to-do list throughout the year. Continue them through winter and ensure your roof stays in tip top shape.

•Do warm-weather installations Consider installing radiant heat in the warmer months to keep your roof temperature above freezing. You can also install an ice barrier, used mostly on metal roofs, to prevent snow from sticking.

When taking these steps, your roof will exit this year’s winter season with strength for many seasons to come

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