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Planning the annual fishing derby, wedding, or golf tournament? When organizing your event you should consider purchasing event insurance. There are many risks associated with special events including injury, reputation or financial risks. Not to mention, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your guests.

With experience, comes advantage. That’s why we’re offering a new, innovative home insurance policy called Lifestyle Advantage. It’s the policy that gives you the flexibility to rebuild your life, your way. With no obligation to rebuild, you have the freedom to change your lifestyle. You could rebuild the same home, or you could downsize and keep any leftover money. The choice is yours.

To help stabilize rates, the Ontario government has implemented changes to auto insurance. Several measures are aimed at reducing fraud and abuse within the system, which increase premiums. As of June 1st there will be lower accident benefit limits

The days are getting longer, the sun is getting brighter and summer is just around the corner! Soon enough you will want to spend all your free time taking advantage of the great weather, so why not get the chores out of the way now? It’s the perfect time to dedicate a weekend to rolling up your sleeves to clean the exterior of your home.

Are you one of the many boaters with spring fever, itching to get your vessel out of winter storage and back onto the water? If so, be sure to take the time to properly de-winterize and prepare your boat before taking it out for its first voyage of the season.

Where we live snowmobiles, it`s not uncommon for snowmobiles to be be used for both work and play. If you live in a more rural area that receives large amounts of snow, snowmobiles are relied upon for day to day transportation.

Energy bills can skyrocket over the cold winter months, but there are a few DIY ideas you could try to help keep them manageable.

Fall is upon us, which means beautiful seasonal colours and leaves crunching under your feet. Beyond the season’s splendour, for homeowners there is an array of chores to do around the home and yard.

With Canada seeing increasingly severe and changing weather patterns, it is crucial that consumers are well informed about their insurance needs. We encourage all cottage and home owners to ensure they have adequate coverage by speaking to their broker or directly with us,” says Wayne Ross, insurance and claims expert with Aviva Canada.

Aviva is proud to introduce a first in the Canadian insurance marketplace – overland water protection for personal property across Canada. And the timing couldn't be better. Quite simply, this is the most comprehensive water coverage available in Canada to date.