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Motorcycle insurance

There are some beautiful places to visit in Canada, especially on the open road in a motorbike. Motorcycle Insurance is required if you plan to ride in Canada. It is priced differently than a standard Car Insurance policy because it insures a vehicle you may ride seasonally, which does not provide the same safety measures (seatbelt, airbags, etc.) as a car.

Motorcycle Insurance safeguards against financial loss in cases of a motor accident, theft, vandalism, or liability. The Standard Insurance currently offers motorcycle coverage options to Northwestern Ontario.

What Does Your Motorcycle Insurance Cover?

No two riders are the same, which is why The Standard helps you customize your insurance policy based on your vehicle type, age, and lifestyle. We work with some of the country’s top insurance providers to tailor policies that give you the best coverage at the most competitive rate.

While you can add extended insurance to your policy, the most basic Motorcycle Insurance quote includes coverage for:

Accident Benefits

If you are in an accident on your motorcycle, your insurance will help pay for medical expenses outside your provincial coverage (and funeral expenses in the event of death). This removes the financial burden from you and your family.


If a motorcycle accident injures another person or their property, liability protection covers the cost of repair or medical bills. This is critical coverage if you are found at fault in the accident.

Direct Compensation

Direct Compensation protection covers your motorcycle. If another insured driver hits you, this portion of your policy pays for damage to your bike.

Optional Motorcycle Coverage

Along with the standard coverage you receive in a Motorcycle Insurance policy, you may also opt for extended insurance products, such as:


If your bike needs to be repaired or replaced, your Replacement Coverage provides you with alternative transportation while you wait for your bike to be repaired.

Belongings Coverage

If you are a biker who loves long rides, you probably have a storage compartment or saddle bag containing essential items. Your belongings or personal effects protection keeps these items safe by covering their value in the event of accident or loss.


A Collision Coverage add-on protects your motorcycle in terms of repair or replacement up to its actual cash value minus your deductible.


Comprehensive protection provides financial aid if your motorcycle is damaged by something other than a motor accident. For example, vandalism, theft, inclement weather, or falling objects.

All Perils

As with Car Insurance products, you can add All Perils Coverage to your motorcycle insurance. This option combines the coverages of Collision and Comprehensive.

Specified Perils

Specified Perils protection allows you to pick and choose the perils you would like to cover in your policy. Your Motorcycle is still covered for any listed risks such as fire, lightning storms, or theft.

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At The Standard, we understand that every rider is unique. Whether you hit the road year-round or only hop on the bike a few times a year, we can find a policy to suit your needs.

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Motorcycle Insurance FAQs

At The Standard Insurance, we receive many questions regarding Motorcycle Insurance. We have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions to help you better understand what your policy would entail:

The Standard Insurance FAQs

I have a custom motorcycle. Is it harder to insure?

I ride my motorcycle as a main vehicle. Can I get standalone bike insurance?

Insurance on my motorcycle is more expensive than the bike I bought. Why?

Can I use someone else’s insurance as an occasional rider instead of getting my own insurance?

At The Standard Insurance, we pride ourselves for our long-lasting commitment to act as an advocate for every single one of our clients. Our success is measured by their experience and satisfaction:

I had a wonderful experience with Nicolle, I had some issues with my Insurance policy and Nicolle straightened them up immediately. THANKS AGAIN NICOLLE !


“Callie stepped up and provided a very professional service and responded to all our questions in a timely manner. We highly recommend Standard Insurance Brokers.”

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“The agent, Celeste, was very prompt with her responses. She was able to source a favorable and economical premium compared to what I had. Very good service so far.

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