RV & Trailer Insurance in Ontario, Manitoba & Saskatchewan

Rv and trailer insurance

RV and Trailer Insurance policies are a necessity for Canadians who love to travel. While our country is home to some of the world’s friendliest drivers and most beautiful natural sights, there are still risks on the road. Many types of vehicles fall under the RV & Trailer Insurance umbrella, including:

  • Campers
  • Motorhomes
  • Travel trailers

What is Covered by Your Travel Trailer Insurance?

Your RV & Trailer Insurance is unique to your needs. Whether you park your trailer year-round, vacation during summer seasons, or take the RV on the road whenever the urge arises, there are multiple insurance options available. Basic camper insurance includes:

Property Coverage

Your RV isn’t just a shell and motor you take from place to place; it is filled with possessions and furnishings. Property damage coverage offers financial protection to your RV and the contents inside.

Liability Coverage

Liability protection is there in case somebody else suffers injury or death in an accident with your RV or trailer. This coverage helps pay for damage to the other vehicle, medical bills of the injured party, and more.

Optional Trailer Insurance Coverage

As with other types of auto insurance, your RV & Trailer Insurance policy can be extended to cover more in-depth types of damage, such as:

Replacement/Collision Coverage

If your RV is made unusable in an accident, Replacement/Collision Coverage will pay up to the actual cash value of the vehicle minus your deductible. It may also include a loaner RV while yours is replaced or repaired.

Comprehensive Coverage

Standard RV insurance doesn’t protect your camper from everything. In fact, it generally covers only accidents that occurred while in transit. A Comprehensive Coverage add-on gives you additional protection against the elements, fire, animals and pests, vandalism, and theft.

Contents Coverage

Contents Coverage is part of extended RV & Trailer Insurance, covering your personal belongings.

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RV & Trailer Insurance FAQs

The Standard Insurance FAQs

Does my insurance cover locks in the event that I lock myself out or they are damaged in an accident?

Does my insurance cover medical expenses while travelling?

I own an RV, quad, and snowmobile. Do I need insurance on all of these vehicles?

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