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Commercial Auto Insurance

Whether you run a transportation company or delivery service, are a contractor, have a retail operation or just a single vehicle for your business, Commercial Auto Insurance is essential. It will offer financial protection to you, your business, and your employees.

Evaluating Your Business’ Exposure

Often times, rating a commercial automobile is specific to the operation being insured. For example, a contractor carrying employees only will have different risks than a transportation company carrying passengers for compensation. The contractor’s employees are covered under workers compensation while fulfilling their duties, whereas the passengers of the transportation company are not. This creates two substantially different exposures for each of these businesses in the event of a motor vehicle accident.


Applying the proper rating, endorsements, and form of coverage is vital to protecting business exposure accurately. Some business-use risks are simple and can be placed as easily as with a Personal Lines Car Insurance policy, while other risks can be more involved to secure approval for coverage.

Examples of these such risks are:

  • Snow plowing
  • Passenger hazard
  • Motor/truck cargo
  • Pizza delivery
  • Moving dangerous goods
  • Long-haul trucking

Often times, higher risk classifications require a more detailed application including driver history, experience letters, or loss prevention plans.

Tip: Qualify Drivers Before You Hire

As your insurance rating may be affected by the driving history of your employees, we recommend that you request a Motor Vehicle Record before providing a final offer of employment. This important step can save you money and the frustration of dealing with surprise accidents and convictions penalties that may not have been disclosed during the hiring process.

Our team of expert brokers will work with you to analyze your risks and find the best coverage for the unique needs of your business.


For many businesses, an auto accident can be the largest exposure to a financial loss. If you or one of your employees is involved in a motor vehicle accident while driving a company vehicle, you may be responsible for third-party liability relating to property damage, injury, or death.

It is unrealistic to expect that all risk can be avoided when it comes to collisions, which rings especially true in our Canadian climate where road conditions in the winter months can make travel treacherous at times. It is essential that you have the right liability coverage for your commercial vehicles to help offload the financial risk of a claim against your business.

Choosing the appropriate liability limit is crucial. Courts have awarded multi-million-dollar settlements to third parties who potentially required long-term health care support following an accident. At The Standard Insurance, our commercial insurance specialists understand your liability risks and will help provide you with the right policy and protection so you know that your business is safe no matter who is driving.

Loss or Damage Coverage

Standard Insurance’s team of experts can help you navigate the optional Physical Damage coverage available. Unlike Liability Insurance which has mandatory coverage limits by province, Physical Damage coverage is optional*.

Making decisions about Physical Damage is often about risk versus reward. For older vehicles, it may not be worth the upfront cost or the eventual outcome of making a Physical Damage claim against your commercial driving record. This is a personal decision as it is the owner/business who ultimately needs to make this risk management choice.

*Coverage may not be optional if another party has a financial interest in your vehicle, such as a bank or lender.

Physical Damage Coverage Options

Collision Coverage pays for the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle up to the actual cash value if it collides with another vehicle, the ground, or an object on the ground such as a guard rail.

Comprehensive Coverage
This type of coverage helps pay for the cost of repairing or replacing your commercial vehicle up to the actual cash value if it is damaged by unexpected situations. This can include falling or flying objects, vandalism, fire, theft or attempted theft, a natural disaster, or a riot or civil disturbance, but not a collision.

All Perils
This option combines the coverage of Collision and Comprehensive. These optional coverage types are often customized to suit your vehicle type, lifestyle, and budget.

Specified Perils
If a vehicle is damaged due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather, fire, vandalism, and theft, Specified Peril Car Insurance protects you against the specific risks outlined in your policy.

Replacement Vehicle

Our commercial insurance brokers understand business owners and the need to keep operations running no matter what happens. An accident with one of your commercial vehicles could mean that a work truck or car is unavailable for your business. Replacement Vehicle Coverage provides your company with a rental in the event that your damaged vehicle is in the shop for repairs.

When your automobile is involved in the collision, it can take weeks and sometimes months to order parts or a replacement to drive. Vehicle Replacement, often referred to as Rental Coverage, helps your business stay on the road.

Accident Benefits

Accident Benefits provide you or your employees with compensation in the event of a motor vehicle collision, which includes medical bills, rehabilitation costs, attendant care expenses, income replacement, or funeral expenses in the event of death. This coverage is especially important to protect your employees if you do not offer extended health benefits through your business.

Fleet Insurance vs. Individual Commercial Auto Rating

If your business runs more than five vehicles at a time, you may qualify for Fleet Insurance rather than Individual Commercial Auto Rating. This fleet rating may not only provide better negotiation and save you money on insurance, but it would also allow you to easily manage all of your company vehicles under one schedule.

For larger fleet vehicles, there are options available to report added or deleted vehicles on an annual basis. Businesses that have very active fleets may find this annual reporting alternative beneficial

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Commercial Auto Insurance FAQs

Working with so many business owners, The Standard has seen almost every type of Commercial Auto Insurance claim. To help our clients better prepare for these situations, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions we receive as insurance brokers:

The Standard Insurance FAQs

Do I need Commercial Auto Insurance if I use my vehicle for a delivery service like Skip the Dishes, UberEats, or another restaurant service?

Is it cheaper than personal insurance?

What factors are considered in Commercial Auto Insurance?

Do I need a Commercial Auto Insurance policy?

Are the contents in my vehicle covered in my policy?

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