Snowmobile Safety 101: 5 Tips for Injury-Free Snowmobiling

07 Mar 2024
Snowmobile Safety 101: 5 Tips for Injury-Free Snowmobiling

With snowmobiling season underway, it’s a great time to review some basic safety tips that will ensure you make it home safely from the trails this winter. Each year, approximately 50 people lose their lives in snowmobile accidents in Ontario and Quebec, and over 1,200 are hospitalized with related injuries, as reported by the Canadian Institute for Health Information. 

Let’s ensure your snowmobiling adventure is both fun and safe with these essential tips:

  1. Wear protective gear. Your safety starts with the right gear. Always wear reflective clothing, a DOT – approved helmet, a face shield, insulated waterproof boots, and leather snowmobile mitts. Dressing in layers with polypropylene and thermal fabrics helps wick moisture away while retaining heat, keeping you dry and warm. Consider carrying extra clothing such as, socks, boot liners and mitts for additional layering.
  2. Obey all trail signage. The trails are marked for your safety and that of others. Speed limits and other signs, like directions and warnings, are not just suggestions; they are essential for safe riding. Familiarize yourself with common trail signs before heading out.
  3. Never ride alone. There’s safety in numbers. Riding with a buddy ensures you have immediately help in case of an accident, mechanical issues, sudden weather changes, or medical emergencies. Always carry a fully charged mobile phone for communication.
  4. Slow down in traffic. Sharing the trails means respecting others. Slow down and yield the right of way to skiers, hikers, dogsledders, and other trail users. Be particularly mindful of changing trail conditions and adjust your speed accordingly.
  5. Don’t mix drinking and riding. Operating your snowmobile under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not only illegal, but also extremely dangerous. The legal consequences can be severe, including losing your driving privileges for all vehicle types.

Snowmobiling is a joy of winter, but it’s not without its risks. To ensure you’re fully prepared for any eventually, don’t forget to secure appropriate snowmobile insurance before hitting the trails. This step, as crucial as wearing your helmet, offers protection in ways you might not immediately realize. 

Ready to explore your snowmobile insurance options? Contact The Standard Insurance today to speak with a knowledgeable broker who can help you find the perfect coverage for your winter adventures. Whether you’re a seasoned snowmobiler or just starting out, we’re here to ensure your peace of mind. Contact us and let us make your snowmobiling experience safe and worry-free!

Matt Schottroff is the Marketing Coordinator for The Standard Insurance Brokers Ltd. and the host of the Passionate People video series. He lives and works in Kenora, Ontario.

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