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Farm Insurance

The Standard Insurance is here to help you with all of your Farm Insurance needs. Whether you have a small hobby farm with a few animals, a few acres of land, or a large commercial farm, we can find the right product for you.

A farm is so much more than the place you live or the product you supply, which is why Farm Insurance is important when planning your future. At The Standard Insurance, we work with farm owners across Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan to keep farms running smoothly year-round.

We understand how important farmers are to the global community, which is why we partner with the best insurance providers in the country to bring you customizable coverage at affordable prices.

Farm Insurance is employed for many reasons. It covers a variety of crucial elements on your farm, including:

  • Home
  • Farm property (including barns and all other outbuildings)
  • Animals and livestock
  • Feed
  • Equipment and machinery
  • Tools

What is Protected Under Farm Insurance?

Farm Insurance is unique as it provides both personal homeowners coverage along with farm property and liability coverage. Farm Insurance can be adjusted to provide coverage from the smallest hobby farm to the largest commercial farm and everything in between. Insurance needs to protect not only your animals, but your barn, chicken coops, sheds, garages, farmhouse, stables, and more.

Depending on the insurance you purchase, coverage may vary. The most basic Farm Insurance policy protects:

Property Damage

From inclement weather to fire or vandalism, property damage occurs for many reasons. Any time your farmland or the structures on it are impacted by damage, your Farm Insurance is there to ensure you’re not the one paying for it.


Liability Insurance is important in any business setting, but especially on large properties where dangerous machines and tools are on-site. Liability protection reduces the chance of somebody suing you for financial damages due to a mishap on your property. This includes slip and fall incidents, animal escape and bites, and other problems encountered on your farmland.


Your farm equipment isn’t infallible, which opens another door for lost wages. When farm machinery is damaged it can mean hours or days lost to fix it. In some instances, it could even impact the value or quality of a product. Farm Insurance helps pay for repairs and, in some cases, supplies replacement machinery until yours returns.

These are only some of the elements of Farm Insurance that you can adjust your policy to protect.

Extended Coverage for Farm Insurance

If you aren’t seeing the type of coverage you need in a basic farm insurance policy, The Standard can help you extend your coverage to further protect your business.

Some of the add-on protection to consider includes:

Flood or Water Damage

Whether due to burst pipes or rising rivers, water damage is a problem for homeowners and farmers. If your home or farm is flooded, your standard insurance policy likely won’t help cover costs to repair the damage. Adding Flood or Water Damage keeps you safe if you live in an area where this is a risk.

Sewage Damage

Sewage and septic issues can be problematic for homeowners with farmland. In many farm insurance policies, sewer coverage is not included. You can add this if you have any concerns about plumbing in your area.

Power Outages

A power outage can be the difference between a successful season and financial ruin for a farmer. From baby chicks requiring incubators to self-watering greenhouses to frozen food storage for livestock, a power outage can cause quite a problem.

Extended farm coverage can protect you financially from loss of frozen goods, illness, or injury to livestock, and other reflections of the loss of power.

Not seeing the extended coverage options you were hoping for? The Standard Insurance will work with you to design a curated Farm Insurance policy that suits your business and budget.

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Farm Insurance FAQ's

As one of Canada’s leading insurance brokers, The Standard often receives questions about farm and other insurance products. To help our clients stay ahead, we have compiled some of our top Farm Insurance FAQs:

The Standard Insurance FAQs

How will I know which Farm Insurance plan is right for me?

I only have a few acres and a couple of animals for my own personal use. Do I need Farm Insurance?

What types of property are covered?

Is my stored grain accounted for in my base Farm Insurance policy?

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