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Aviation Insurance by Standard Insurance

Flying a plane, whether privately or commercially, requires tailored Aviation Insurance to keep you and/or your company safe from financial loss. At The Standard, work with insurance providers across the country to bring you custom Aviation Insurance options that meet your specific needs.

We serve aircraft owners and operators across Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan, working with private and commercial aircraft owners to ensure they are protected against damage and liability at both a personal and corporate level.

When providing a quote, insurers consider the following:

  • Type of aircraft, age, and value
  • Use of aircraft – private or commercial
  • Pilot experience
  • Number of passengers
  • Previous insurance claims/violations

What Type of Coverage is Available for Aviation Insurance?

Aviation Insurance covers a variety of aircraft components. Extended coverage is available for your passengers, cargo, baggage, spares, and more. Within the scope of a basic policy, you can rest assured that you are protected in the areas of:


Aircraft Hull Insurance covers physical damage to the aircraft. The insurance for the hull includes such parts as avionics, seats, radio equipment, and GPS. Your broker will help you determine the best coverage for your situation.


Private aircraft owners and commercial aircraft operators need to be protected by Liability Coverage in the event of an accident. Loss of cargo, injury to passengers, and destruction of property are all items considered under the scope of liability insurance.

Premises, Hangarkeepers, and Products Liability Coverage are also available. Our expert advisors will discuss your needs and help you determine the type of coverage that will best suit your situation.

Types of Aircraft Covered by Aviation Insurance

Aviation Insurance is not only for traditional aircraft. You may also obtain coverage for the following:

  • UAV/drones
  • Ultralight aircraft
  • Gliders
  • Float aircraft
  • Amphibian aircraft
  • Helicopters

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No matter your insurance needs, one of our experienced brokers can take your call. Call us today at 1-844-969-8199 to discuss your options and receive a quote.

Aviation Insurance FAQs

To help our clients better understand Aviation Insurance, we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about this type of insurance policy:

The Standard Insurance FAQs

Where does my plane insurance cover me if I leave Canada?

Does my coverage extend to the personal property onboard my plane?

If my plane damages a hangar I don’t own, or other planes in a hangar I rent, does my Liability Coverage protect me?

Are all pilots covered?

At The Standard Insurance, we pride ourselves for our long-lasting commitment to act as an advocate for every single one of our clients. Our success is measured by their experience and satisfaction:

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