7 Essentials to Bring on Your Snowmobile Trip

13 Apr 2021
7 Essentials to Bring on Your Snowmobile Trip

One of the best things about winters in Northwestern Ontario is being able to hop on your snowmobile or ATV and explore the trails. No one ever plans for things to go wrong, but in case of an accident or emergency, it is vital that you be prepared.

Before you go anywhere, always remember to communicate your ride plans to friends or family so they know where you will be going, and when they can expect you back. Once you are ready to go, you need to take the right things with you.

Here are some items you should make sure to bring anytime you decide to head out on your snowmobile this winter.

First Aid Kit

There are always potential hazards on the trail. These can range from fallen tree branches to wild animals and even other riders. In case of a crash or collision, make sure you can treat basic injuries with a first aid kit.


Make sure you have the right tools with you in case you need to make basic repairs ir adjustments to your sled when out on the trails.

Spare Gloves & Socks

If you become stuck and have to deal with wet or slushy conditions, extra dry clothes will help keep you warm.

Hand Warmers

Adhesive hand warming bags like “Hot Paws” or “Hot Hands” can keep your fingers warm in extra cold conditions by sticking to your gloves.


With fewer hours of daylight in the winter, a flashlight can come in handy even if you only plan on taking a short ride. Make sure to check the batteries before you head out.

USB Battery Pack

Depending on your situation, you may need to call a friend or emergency services to get help. With a USB battery pack, you can make sure your phone has enough battery life to complete that important call.

Matches & Lighter

In the event you get stuck or if your machine breaks down, you may need to seek shelter while you wait to be picked up. Being able to start a fire in these situations could be key to your survival.

Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Making sure you have the right things with you in the event of a crisis can make all the difference for your safety. When you know you are prepared for the worst, you can focus on enjoying the ride.

Peace of mind also comes from knowing you have the right coverage for your machine. Talk to one of our brokers about our Recreational Vehicle Insurance. We can work with you to understand your unique circumstances and find the best insurance options for you.

In the event you need to make a claim, we also offer 24/7 services and since we live and work in your community, help is always close at-hand.

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