Do You Really Need Winter Tires?

30 Mar 2021

Everyone agrees on the benefits of driving with winter tires during winter months, but are they really necessary? If you live in Northwestern Ontario, the answer is a resounding ‘yes!’

Tests, studies and experts all point to one conclusion—winter tires provide the best grip in winter conditions. Despite overwhelming evidence, some people are leery to make the switch. If any of these objections sound familiar, we’re here to lay down some cold, hard truths.

Aren’t all-season tires good enough? No—all-season tires are a jack of all trades, master of none. The biggest difference between winter tires and all-season tires is the rubber. While all-season tires harden and start to lose their grip at 7 degrees Celsius, winter tires remain supple up to minus 40 degrees Celsius. This means that winter tires will have better traction on cold, icey roads, even if there’s no snow.

Do all four wheels need winter tires? Yes. To keep your vehicle handling as consistently as possible, you’ll want to match all four tires. This way the tread wear is equal and the grip is the same. This goes for all types of tires as well—snow, all-weather, all-season.

What if my vehicle has ABS brakes? ABS brakes may help prevent your tires from locking up, but they don’t offer any improvement on your tire’s traction or grip. ABS brakes paired with winter tires will give you the stopping power and control you need for winter driving conditions.

What if my vehicle has all-wheel drive? All-wheel drive definitely helps, it alone is not enough to safely navigate through a Northwestern Ontario winter. All-wheel drive will increase your ability to accelerate your vehicle from a complete stop or help you up a steep, snowy driveway, but it won’t help your braking or cornering performance in the snow.

Winter tires are expensive! Don’t be fooled by the up-front cost, winter tires will save you money! In addition to all of the safety benefits (which will reduce your odds of being in an accident or filing a claim), winter tires are more fuel efficient. You’ll also be able to extend the life of your summer tires by reducing their wear and tear. Plus, you may be eligible for our winter tire discount.

To see how much you can save with winter tires, contact one of our expert advisers today.

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