Lifestyle Advantage Home Insurance

With experience, comes advantage. That’s why we’re offering a new, innovative home insurance policy called Lifestyle Advantage. It’s the policy that gives you the flexibility to rebuild your life, your way. With no obligation to rebuild, you have the freedom to change your lifestyle. You could rebuild the same home, or you could downsize and keep any leftover money. The choice is yours.

Lifestyle Advantage may be available on your combined Home and Car Insurance policy, or on your Home Insurance policy. Benefits include:

  • In the event your home is a total loss, you can choose to have the claim settled on a replacement cost basis with no requirement to rebuild the exact home
  • Loss of home contents can be settled on a replacement cost basis, with the option to accept a cash settlement
  • Claims Free protection on your property
  • The property deductible is waived on your first eligible* property loss
  • Coverage for a dependent residing in a Health Care facility
  • A waiver of auto deductible** for covered total loss
  • A waiver of auto deductible in the event of a hit and run***

To be eligible for Lifestyle Advantage, you must be:

  • 50 years of age or older and living outside of Atlantic Canada, OR licensed 34 years or more within Atlantic Canada
  • 3 years free of property claims

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