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Liability and COVID-19 Mitigating Your Business’s Risk

As business owners, we are all working hard to adapt and re-open our doors in uncharted territory as COVID-19 has changed the way... Read More

5 Tips for Driving on Winter Roads

When you wake up to a winter storm and check current road conditions only to find they're less than favourable, you have two... Read More

7 Essentials to Bring on Your Snowmobile Trip

One of the best things about winters in Northwestern Ontario is being able to hop on your snowmobile or ATV and explore the... Read More

Major Changes to Distracted Driving Laws

No matter how important that next call or notification may seem, distracted driving simply isn't worth the risk. Read More

You Can’t Afford NOT To Have Renters Insurance

New renters often assume that they don’t have anything of value or to replace all of there wouldn’t cost much, and so they... Read More

How Winter Can Affect Your Vehicle

Our harsh winters affect our vehicles in a variety of negative ways and many of these ways can cause issues with safety or even... Read More

How To Protect Your Home While Taking A Winter Holiday

Our winter is long and cold and for some, the only way to survive is to escape to a tropical destination for a week or two. Read More

Changes With The Distracted Driving Penalties

In Ontario, distracted driving collisions causing death have doubled since the year 2000. Read More

4 Ways You Can Minimize Wild Fire Risk for Your Family

When it comes to wildfire, you have the ability to protect your home, cottage, or resort. Read More

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