Understanding Our Claims Process

24 Apr 2024
Understanding Our Claims Process

At The Standard Insurance, our commitment to providing excellent service extends beyond offering coverage; it encompasses a comprehensive support system designed to guide our clients through the claims process seamlessly. We take several steps to ensure our clients receive the assistance they need throughout their claim.

  1. First Contact: The Initial Two Days
    When a client reports a claim and hasn’t received initial contact from their adjuster within the first two days, the Claims Experience Advisor steps in. The Claims Experience Advisor works tirelessly to connect our clients with their adjuster. Ensuring that clients receive the necessary first steps and guidance is our top priority at this stage. 
  2. Two Week Check-In
    At the two week mark from the start of a claim, the claim will receive a third email. This is a check-in to assess if the client is experiencing any issues or if everything is proceeding smoothly. If any missing information or lack of communication is identified, the Claims Experience Advisor steps in again to reconnect the client with their adjuster and provide the necessary information and guidance. 
  3. Ongoing Support 
    For more complicated issues during the claims process, clients have the option to reach out to their individual brokers or insurance advisors. As the VP of Claims Management, my job is to liaise directly with the claim manager level contacts at the insurance companies. This ensures that high-level solutions are implemented promptly. 

The Role of an Adjuster

When a client reports a claim, their claim is then handled by an adjuster. The adjuster’s role is to promptly contact the client, review the claim in detail, and ensure the nature of the claim in detail, and ensure the nature of the claim aligns with the client’s coverage. From providing guidance on repair facilities, rental coverage, to explaining the role of vendors, adjusters guide the client throughout the entire process.

In some cases, especially for larger or more complex claims, independent adjusters may be engaged. These adjusters, sometimes available in specific regions, offer personal attendance and service, and remain involved in the claim until completion or a significant part of their work is done.

At The Standard, we combine efforts of the network of adjusters and our in-house Claims team, to ensure our clients get the support they need at every stage of the claims process. Our goal is to exceed expectations, providing a seamless experience for our clients. 

Chris Saelens joined The Standard in February 2020. Chris’ role as the VP of Claims Management is to make sure insurance claims are processed smoothly and accurately, while ensuring our clients are satisfied. Chris has quickly become an integral part of our leadership team and brings a wealth of experience to his role, coming from Claimspro as an insurance adjuster.

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