Together 125: Judy in Kenora’s Story

11 Oct 2022
Together 125: Judy in Kenora’s Story

Since launching our Together 125 contest, we’ve received numerous entries from friends and clients in our communities!

This story was sent to us by Judy in Kenora:

“A few years back, I was involved in an accident out of town and my truck was totally undrivable. My husband just had major surgery in Thunder Bay. I called my broker Lori and she helped me get a rental car so I could get home. The accident happened on a Friday night and I was set up with a rental by Saturday morning.

Lori also helped me get all the information to the insurance adjuster. Both Lori and the adjuster were super helpful during an extremely stressful time. They told me to focus on my husband while they took care of the rest.

After we came home, both checked up on us asking about my husband’s health and if there was anything else we needed for our rental car. These amazing people are why we have been customers of The Standard for over 40 years!

I always feel like they have my best interest at heart, and I will continue to do business there.”

Taking care of our clients when they need us most is something we are always ready to do. Your peace of mind is our top priority.

Matt Schottroff is the Marketing Coordinator for The Standard Insurance Brokers Ltd. and the host of the Passionate People video series. He lives and works in Kenora, Ontario.

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