Cyber Insurance: Protect All Your Valuables — Even Those You Can’t See.

01 Apr 2021

Computers, mobile devices, smart TVs, connected appliances, and other equipment are essential to homeowners’ personal lives. But they also create avenues for cyber attackers to infiltrate a homeowner’s data in order to steal information, extort money and commit fraud.

If a homeowner experienced hacking, it could create significant expenses, including:

Cyber Attack Unauthorized access or malware damages to your computing or connect home device

Cyber Extortion Demands to damage, disable or deny you access to files on your devices or systems

Online Fraud Online criminal deception, identity theft, and unauthorized use of credit cards or bank accounts

Data Breach Loss, theft or accidental release of other individuals’ personally identifying information in your care, custody or control

Personal Cyber Coverage goes beyond any insurance currently available by combining coverage for Cyber Attack, Cyber Extortion, Online Fraud, and Data Breach.

In the wrong hands, your personal information can be worth just as much as your valuable assets, and just as costly to recover. If you would like to add these coverages to your homeowner’s policy, please contact one of our expert advisers today.

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