The Number One Mistake to Avoid as a Renter

If you’re currently renting and value your possessions, this one’s for you. While your landlord is responsible for your dwelling and its maintenance, they are not responsible for its contents. In other words, their coverage doesn’t protect your stuff. This is why we strongly encourage all renters to have tenants insurance; it’s a cost-effective fail-safe that helps give you peace of mind knowing your belongings are covered.

So you’ve dropped your iPhone in the toilet again. Luckily for you, your tenant insurance would cover that. And if the unthinkable happens– dropping your iPhone in a public toilet– you’ll still be covered. Your policy protects your items wherever you go, not just when they are in your rental.

Another great benefit of tenant insurance is the personal liability coverage that comes with it. This means that if your Baked Alaska becomes engulfed in flames and burns a hole through your landlord’s kitchen wall, you’ll be covered. And if your mother-in-law slips on your front steps (you really should de-ice them) you won’t be responsible for her medical expenses. In the unfortunate event that something severe does happen to your rental and you need a place to stay temporarily, tenant insurance may cover the cost of that as well.

While costs vary based on your individual needs and the actual rental unit, the average price in Ontario is between $20 and $30 per month. So for less than a dollar per day, you can rest easy knowing all of your possessions are covered.

After a loss, it could be difficult for you to recall the details of things that are now damaged or missing, which is why we recommend keeping an up-to-date list of your possessions and their value. You can download our Home Inventory Checklist here.

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