To-Dos: Your February Home Checklist

Tackling a short to-do list every month can keep your house safe, organized, and efficient in the months ahead. Check off each item on your February to-do list for a happy home and happy family!

Keep sidewalks and entryways free of ice and snow Ice and snow can make walkways dangerous for visitors. Aim to shovel snow promptly, and sprinkle gravel, straw or wood chips to provide traction. And if you plan to be out of town during a winter storm, hire someone to clear the sidewalk and front steps of your home while you are away. Your neighbors and mail carrier will thank you!

Start planning for a spring or summer home sale If you are considering putting your home on the market this year, it’s a good idea to start the process now. Set a timetable, interview potential real estate agents and make a list of home projects that need to get done to help your home show well.

Boost warmth Stay toasty and save on energy bills by blocking drafty doors with door sweeps or door snakes, and warming up with rugs, throws and duvets. For even more energy savings, shut doors to unused rooms, move furniture away from heating vents, and close the chimney flue when it’s not in use.

Check bathrooms for moisture, mildew and mold It can be hard to give bathrooms enough ventilation when the house is closed up tight for winter. Unfortunately, that buildup of moisture can lead to mildew or even harmful molds. Give the bathroom a thorough cleaning, paying special attention to grout, the ceiling and any other areas showing signs of excess moisture.

Do a home safety check It doesn’t take long to check home safety devices and update (or purchase) an emergency kit, and the peace of mind is well worth the effort.
-Test smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, changing batteries as needed
-Check the expiration date on fire extinguishers and replace as needed
-Check emergency supply kits and restock as needed

Change furnace filters With your furnace constantly running to heat your home, the filters have likely gotten a little dirty since their last changing. Show some appreciation for your furnace by giving it brand new filters. This is not only great for the heating and air purity of your home, but dirty filters can be a fire hazard.

Keep an eye out for ice dams If your area gets a lot of snow, be sure to regularly remove it from the roof and inspect your roofline for signs of ice dams beginning to form. Once established, they’re nearly impossible to remedy (until spring), so keeping ahead of their formation is definitely best!

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