To-Dos: Your March Home Checklist

With old man winter’s icy grip finally loosening, we can expect some warmer weather this month. Although it’s not officially spring until March 20th, it’s never too early to begin your annual home spring cleaning!

Inspect your roofing Take a close look at your roofing for loose and missing singles, rusted flashing and cracked boots around vent pipes.

Inspect walkways and driveways Winter is especially tough on concrete and asphalt — freeze and thaw cycles can break apart stone and concrete. You’ll want to seal cracks with sealant made for the specific material of your driveway or walkway to prevent further damage.

Check drainage With warmer temperatures comes spring melt, so make sure water is flowing freely through your eavestrough. Check for debris, ice build-up and vegetation to ensure there is no blockage.

Clean your fireplace This helps prevent soot accumulation, which could fuel a chimney fire.

Tidy the entryway You can finally start putting away some of the heavier winter clothing items, such as wool mittens and parkas to make room for spring essentials such as umbrellas and rubber boots.

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