You Can’t Afford NOT To Have Renters Insurance

New renters often assume that they don’t have anything of value or to replace all of there wouldn’t cost much, and so they skip out on purchasing renters insurance. Many think that the building owner or landlord carries insurance that will protect them as well and this is just not true. The building owners insurance policy is to protect the building itself and will not cover any of your belongings.

Consider the worst case scenario where you lose everything to an apartment fire. Everyone makes it out of the building safely (thankfully), but with only the clothes on their back. If you don’t have renters insurance, you will have to find a way to replace all your clothing, furniture and any and all items on your own. The other thing to consider is where are you going to live now? How much will a hotel cost you for the next few weeks? What about having to eat out at restaurants for your meals?

If you had an insurance policy, these are things that would be covered under your plan. While an insurance policy won’t take away the inconvenience, it will replace your belongings and cover additional living expenses as well.

What your renter’s insurance policy will provide you with:

Personal Property Coverage – coverage will be provided for your personal property if they are damaged or stolen. We work with you to determine an adequate limit of coverage for your belongings. A deductible applies for all insurance claims.

Liability Coverage – while having your property protected from an insurance claim is essential, what’s often not considered is the importance of liability coverage. This coverage would come into play if your dog bites someone or you accidentally started a fire that damaged the building you’re living in. Liability coverage is there to save you from huge mistakes.

Additional Living Expense – This covers reasonable expenses like food, hotel or rental home charges, and other costs you wouldn’t usually face while living in your own home.

Whether you’re getting ready to rent your first apartment or a long-time renter who has never considered the value of having tenant insurance, it’s not too late to find out more about your options.

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