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06 Jul 2022

Introducing Our Together 125 Contest!

This year we’re celebrating our 125th anniversary, and a century and a quarter of dedication leaves behind more than a few... Read More

09 Jun 2022

The Standard Proudly Supports Our Kids Count in Thunder Bay

Our Kids Count is a community development program that works with families and children in Thunder Bay and administers a... Read More

25 Mar 2022

Plan Your First Boat Trip of the Year with Lake of the Woods Ice Patrol

It's always an exciting time of year when the snow begins to melt and we start to see the first signs of Spring. Read More

14 Apr 2021

5 Tips for Driving on Winter Roads

When you wake up to a winter storm and check current road conditions only to find they're less than favourable, you have two... Read More

09 Apr 2021

How Winter Can Affect Your Vehicle

Our harsh winters affect our vehicles in a variety of negative ways and many of these ways can cause issues with safety or even... Read More

02 Apr 2021

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Potholes

Old man winter may be on his way out, but he’s leaving potholes in his wake. Read More

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