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09 Jun 2022

The Standard Proudly Supports Our Kids Count in Thunder Bay

Our Kids Count is a community development program that works with families and children in Thunder Bay and administers a... Read More

21 Apr 2022

Passionate People Episode 2: Protect Your Home from Melt Water Damage

After a winter of heavy snowfall, the water from all that built up snow can cause problems for your property in the Spring. Read More

25 Mar 2022

Plan Your First Boat Trip of the Year with Lake of the Woods Ice Patrol

It's always an exciting time of year when the snow begins to melt and we start to see the first signs of Spring. Read More

24 Feb 2022

Passionate People Episode 1: Life Insurance 101

  My name is Taylor Forsyth and I'm an Account Manager in the Financial Services Department at The Standard Insurance. Read More

15 Apr 2021

Liability and COVID-19 Mitigating Your Business’s Risk

As business owners, we are all working hard to adapt and re-open our doors in uncharted territory as COVID-19 has changed the way... Read More

14 Apr 2021

5 Tips for Driving on Winter Roads

When you wake up to a winter storm and check current road conditions only to find they're less than favourable, you have two... Read More

13 Apr 2021

7 Essentials to Bring on Your Snowmobile Trip

One of the best things about winters in Northwestern Ontario is being able to hop on your snowmobile or ATV and explore the... Read More

12 Apr 2021

5 Ways You Can Protect Yourself from Cyber Threats

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month. Read More

11 Apr 2021

Major Changes to Distracted Driving Laws

No matter how important that next call or notification may seem, distracted driving simply isn't worth the risk. Read More

You Can’t Afford NOT To Have Renters Insurance

New renters often assume that they don’t have anything of value or to replace all of there wouldn’t cost much, and so they... Read More

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